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My Life That Is............

Its Like One Big Nightclub!

The Bouncer's Particulars


WARNING! This Journal is full of crap and as such, should not be viewed by anyone!

If you so happen to view its contents, gauge out your eyes, wash them in pure alcohol and reinsert them into your eyesockets! Alternatively, you can keep reading this Journal until such time as it warrants above mentioned cure!



September 27th, 2007

My Long Awaited Return!

Howdy y'all!

Well, it has been awhile since i last updated, as well as checked this thing. I think the last entry i wrote was my departure from College. Well, between now and then some things have happened and other things have not, here are the main ones: (WARNING: minor emo moments may occur, if encounted, read and quickly think of bright colours and puppy dogs)

- I have completed my 10 week Internship! I know, it sounds weird but it is done. It was hard at times and so very tiring, but i had a blast! I learned alot about teaching and in particular my strengths and weaknesses as a teacher. I now believe i am ready to go out into the teaching world and destroy some kids lives!!!
- Having a slight freak out about my Thesis, as my supervisor doesnt think I can get it done in time, but I am still pushing ahead. I reckon i can do it, heres to the power of positive thinking (which is totally different to The Secret...NOT!!!)
- Being constantly broke and having to live off my parents, i hate it and cant buy anything i really want (i.e. DVDs and such)
- Being at home is slowly killing me inside! My parents piss me off with all their crap and still treat me like a kid, i'm 21 for fucks sake!
- I have official decided to move to Armidale next year and am currently house hunting via the Internet and through friends in Armidale.
- I am slowly buying things for my house, well Mum is anyway!
- Have been listening to way to much 90s music, for some reason i enjoy it! God help me!
- Re-read the entire Harry Potter series, which was great to see how everything ties in together
- The guys nite out at the Black and the realisation that Kiya is our eye candy and goin out without her is just not that much fun!

Well, they are the main thing that have happened, will update regularly from now (hopefully)

Ur Pal Lukie!

June 25th, 2007

Goodbye, Farewell......

Ed & Leaves
Well, it is time for me to leave college for good! I can't believe it has happened! The last 3 1/2 years have gone so fast and it still seems like yesterday that i first moved in here. The years have passed, the friends have changed, the college has changed, the food has changed, but the alcohol induced fun times will always remain!

Thank you Austin College for giving me the best years of my life, i will never forget them!

Ur ex-resident Lukie!

June 8th, 2007

Well, noone seems to post anymore, but i dont care, i need to share this with everyone....


Good nite to all, i'm off to get rather drunk....

Ur Pal Lukie!

P.S I promise i will post fully soon

May 25th, 2007


Ed & Leaves
Well, i must admit i had my doubts about the 3rd Pirates movie, but alas, it has blow me away! Twas a jolly good movie and i recommend it to everyone!

Long live the Pirates!

P.S A full update will follow soon-ish!

April 24th, 2007

Port Macquarie Madness!!

stewies guns
Holla peeps,

Well, since i last updated i have pretty much been doin nuttin. Mainly uni work, relaxing and vegin out watch Scrubs! Pretty much quite a normal holiday! However, on the weekend, i went to Port Macquarie for a 21st b'day party, where there were hijinx a-plenty, read below to find out more.....

After driving 4 hrs to get there from Armidale, Joe, Erin, Kira, Dani & I all went shopping. Twas ok the shopping centres were cool, and i bought some new clothes and some books. Anyway after that we went and got ready and headed to Tristan's house for pre-party drinks. As the party was a sports theme, we went as Tristo's cheer squad and spelled his name out on our faces and made signs! It looked awesome and Tristo found it quite amusing! After the pre-drinks, we went to the party which was at a Tavern. The night consisted of drinking, funny stories, meeting new people, drinking, musical chairs, drinking and dancing like idiots. Basically, a fun night. After the party, we went back to Tristo's house and played some SingStar before we all went to bed. Sunday we had a massive cooked brekky and then we left to come home around 12pm. Got home and watched Big Brother, and that was my weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the recount, i had fun recounting it! Well, off to do more uni work, l8er bitches!

Ur Pal Lukie!

April 12th, 2007

Once upon a time, there was a guy who went to Uni in Armidale. One day, he decided to stay in Armidale over the Easter Hols because goin home meant way to much trouble and he had lots of uni work to do. So, he moved into a friends house in town, where he spent the entire easter weekend alone, which he loved. He didnt have to deal with annoying people and their annoying little problems, he was just able to relax and do bugger all. Anyway, now that Easter was over, he had to do his Uni work.......

Hope you enjoyed my little story, i thought it would amuse some ppl. Hope everyones having a good holiday, as i am. Well, cept for the uni work, but its either do it or fail everything, so i think i better do it. The last couple of weeks at college were stressful, with all my assignments and the constant annoyingness of everyone complaining about the stupidest little things! But that is all over now, and i can relax.

Well, thats all to report, might update next time im in the library! L8er biatches!

Ur Pal Lukie!

March 1st, 2007

My research proposal is due on Wednesday and i have only done half! I am officially screwed!

February 28th, 2007

Holla peeps,

Well, i have finally found time to update this little thing called LJ. Here is a quick recap:
- O Week: Basically got drunk, had fun, met new ppl and partyed with old friends.
- 1st Week: Attended the boring introductory lectures, but found out that my workload is massive and i have a shitload of work to do. Also handed in my prac form and put down Alma, i know its gonna be wierd and a challenge, but i think i can handle it. Had a drinking games/SingStar party on Fri nite which was awesome. Played a great version of Kings with about 20 ppl, and some of the rules were hilarious.
- 2nd Week: Basically been going to class and doing some study. Had a pizza and movie nite last nite at a friends house, watched 'Beerfest' fuckin awesome movie! Got classes the rest of the week but on fri nite i'm attempting the 100 Club with the guys. If ya dont know what it is, it is where you take a shot of beer/something else every minute for 100 minutes. Its gunna be interesting. Plus, sat nite i have 2 21st to go to and a housewarming party, so i have to decided what i wanna do.

Well thats it, im goin to play the 64

Ur Pal Lukie!

February 7th, 2007

Birthday Funness!!

Ed & Leaves
Holla peeps,

Well, its that time of year when i turn another year older, but not that much wiser, strangely. Anyway, i had a birthday party for all the relatives and family friends on fri nite, and i must say, it was alot of fun! I forgot how fun it was when all of the family gets together and and was good to see the people i havent seen in a while. I got money from all of them so i could buy another camera to replace the one that was stolen last year at Barndance. Fun nite was had by all, even the oldies had fun. Cleaning up the next day wasnt fun, buts thats the price you pay when you have a party.

So, tuesday was my actual birthday and i didnt really do anything, sat around the house and watched 'Black Books', nuttin exciting. Went out for dinner to Broken Earth and had a really good dinner, mmmm duck, i luv duck!! Oooh, i won a weeks worth of bread from the radio station! Apparently, instead of winning a cake for the birthday draw, you win bread! Go figure!

Today was the day i got to spend the money i got for my birthday. Below is a complete list of my birthday pressies (bought and given) for all of you to enjoy and secretly bitch about how much i get:
- A new camera, too many functions to mention
- A new phone, a Motorola V3 Razr, i know every1 has one, but i wanted one anyway
- A Series of Unfortunate Events Books 4,5 and 6
- A wirless controller for the PS2
- DVDs, A Bugs Life & Toy Story
- Other little pressies that mum bought me

In other news, i went to Centrelink today to start my Youth Allowance back up, but alas, Mum & Dad earnt to much last year and i dont qualify anymore. This means i dont get my money every fortnight and i wont be getting my scholarship anymore because i need youth allowance to get it.
Oh well, shit happens. The centrelink lady was nice about it and everything and there was no use gettin angry at her for doing her job.

Well, that is all, talk laterz

Ur Pal Lukie!

January 16th, 2007


hey all,

well, time for an update, but alas, i really have nuttin to update with. Well there was Tom's party which was pretty cool, except for the friggin weather! Stooopid Rain made it even worse! Anyway, most ppl had fun so it was all good.

Hmmm, what is it with Medical Shows and Snow Patrol??? I mean, Gay's Anatomy used 'Chasing Cars' in their finale and i was watchin the ER finale last night and they used 'Open Your Eyes'. I mean don't get me wrong, i love Snow Patrol and my favourite song is 'Open Your Eyes', but is there something in their music that makes them more appealing to be put in Medical Shows?

On the TV Show front, i have been downloading new Family Guy & Scrubs (thanx tom). They are both awesome and just keep gettin better!

Well, thats all i have to report, good bye

Ur Pal Lukie!

Edit: Got my eyes checked today, there was a slight decrease in my eyes, but not enought to warrant getting new lens!! YAYZ for me!!
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